Find Balance at this Pilates Fitness Studio in Tulsa

Find Balance at this Pilates Fitness Studio in Tulsa

We are now several months into 2014; have you been making strides to fulfill your fitness resolutions for this year? If working out solo isn't giving you the results you are seeking, or if you have trouble staying motivated without a more structured environment, you can check out some other options for fitness in Tulsa that can help you reach your fitness … [Read more...]

Things to Do in Tulsa: See The 1975 at Cain’s Ballroom

Things to Do in Tulsa See The 1975 at Cain's Ballroom

If going to an awesome rock concert tops your list of things to do in Tulsa, mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 28, 2014, when The 1975 comes to Cain's Ballroom on North Main Street. This funky, indie rock band, which hails from Manchester England, has toured in Ireland, the UK, and the United States. The band says they take their inspiration … [Read more...]

3 Tulsa Tailors for Memorial High Prom Dress Alterations

3 Tulsa Tailors for Memorial High Prom Dress Alterations

The Memorial High School prom is coming up, and it will take place on May 3, 2014 at The Oaks Country Club. This is a big event in the life of your teenage son or daughter, so make sure they absolutely love the suit, outfit, or prom dress they'll be wearing. If your daughter is hard to fit for a prom dress, there are three Tulsa tailoring … [Read more...]

Green Living: The Fairgrounds Pollutant Collection Event in Tulsa

Green Living The Fairgrounds Pollutant Collection Event in Tulsa

It's time to clean out your closets and get rid of all those toxic chemicals hanging out beneath your sinks and in your cabinets. When it comes to green living in Tulsa, there is nothing more important than making sure these toxic materials are properly disposed of so they don't make their way into our streams and landfills. On April 5 and 6, … [Read more...]

Network to the Top with Tulsa’s Young Professionals


Networking is an asset in today's world that can help you meet the right people and get your name out there. Tulsa's Young Professionals can help you climb the corporate ladder and learn about new employers in Tulsa. Becoming a part of Tulsa's Young Professionals can help you expand and advance your career and meet other members that could become … [Read more...]

How to Do a Better Leg Press in the Fitness Center


We are seeing more and more residents in our apartments in Tulsa using the fitness center to get in shape and stay that way. Among the many exercises they're doing, we keep hearing leg presses are pretty popular. So the next time you're down in the fitness center working out, try these tips to ensure you get the most from the leg presses you are … [Read more...]

In the Raw: South Tulsa’s Trendy Sushi Bar Restaurant


When it's time for you to get out of the kitchen at your pet-friendly apartment community and grab a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants in Tulsa, you certainly have plenty to choose from. For those of you who enjoy the tart, tangy, salty, and seasoned flavors of traditional and contemporary sushi, there's only one place in town that you … [Read more...]

Download Apps to Find Things to Do in Tulsa


Modern technology has made it so much easier to find things to do in Tulsa and places to go in Oklahoma. You can download a variety of information that can all be customized to your interests with the simple click of a button. Here are some excellent apps that you just might be interested in having serve as your entertainment liaison. Like A Local - … [Read more...]

Running in Tulsa: Register Soon for March Races


For those of you who enjoy an active lifestyle, there are plenty of things to do in Tulsa to keep you busy. You can take a brisk walk in a nearby park, go hiking or boating, make use of the jogging and biking trails in and around the city, or use the onsite fitness center here at our Tulsa apartments to stay active and in shape. If you love to go … [Read more...]

Green Living in Tulsa: 3 Ways to Create Upcycled Decor

green living in Tulsa

Everyone has gotten really into recycling over the years. It is almost become second nature for most of us. Of course, there's a new trend on the horizon known as upcycling that is starting to take off, and it is just as easy to do. Upcycling is essentially taking something useless and giving it a new purpose. For instance, taking something like old TV … [Read more...]

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VIDEO: See Our Tulsa Apartments Up Close


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The Importance of Emergency Funds for Apartment Renters

The Importance of Emergency Funds for Apartment Renters

One thing you should definitely take into consideration when renting one of our Case & Associates apartments is building a "nest egg" of emergency funds. Most recommendations regarding emergency funds often call for saving at least six months' worth of expenses and leaving those funds alone until you absolutely have to have them. If you find … [Read more...]

Know What to Do if Your Pet is Poisoned

Know What to Do if Your Pet Is Poisoned

It's always nice to be able to share your Case & Associates apartment with your beloved four-legged companion, and you've likely created a home that is as pet-proof and safe for your pet as possible. Despite your precautions, however, there might come a time when your pet has gotten a little too curious about something and accidentally ingested a … [Read more...]

Tulsa and Oklahoma City Named Top Affordable Cities

Tulsa and Oklahoma City Named Top Affordable Cities

It's everyone's dream to find a comfortable area within America where they can live and raise a family. It is a big bonus when that place is also affordable. We are pleased to say that our premier apartments in Oklahoma fit that bill perfectly, and folks across the country are starting to take notice. Most people are surprised to learn that Tulsa is … [Read more...]

Decor DIY: Upgrade Your Furniture with Contact Paper

Decor DIY Upgrade Your Furniture with Contact Paper

Everyone likes to have nice furniture, but regardless of whether it's new or old, it doesn't take much for scratches and blemishes to besmirch the finish. When that happens, you can either refinish the piece, live with it, or touch it up so that your furniture looks brand new again. One easy apartment decorating tip is to pick up some contact paper from … [Read more...]

Mayfest: Tulsa’s Free, Four-Day Art and Music Festival

Mayfest Tulsa's Free, Four-Day Art and Music Festival

It's time to mark the calendar at your Case & Associates apartment and make sure you don't miss the Tulsa International Mayfest coming to the area in May. From May 15 to 18, this free, four-day art and music festival will be in town providing you with plenty of things to do and see in a family-friendly atmosphere. The Mayfest event will be held in … [Read more...]