How to Do a Better Leg Press in the Fitness Center


We are seeing more and more residents in our apartments in Tulsa using the fitness center to get in shape and stay that way. Among the many exercises they're doing, we keep hearing leg presses are pretty popular. So the next time you're down in the fitness center working out, try these tips to ensure you get the most from the leg presses you are … [Read more...]

Download Apps to Find Things to Do in Tulsa


Modern technology has made it so much easier to find things to do in Tulsa and places to go in Oklahoma. You can download a variety of information that can all be customized to your interests with the simple click of a button. Here are some excellent apps that you just might be interested in having serve as your entertainment liaison. Like A Local - … [Read more...]

Green Living in Tulsa: 3 Ways to Create Upcycled Decor

green living in Tulsa

Everyone has gotten really into recycling over the years. It is almost become second nature for most of us. Of course, there's a new trend on the horizon known as upcycling that is starting to take off, and it is just as easy to do. Upcycling is essentially taking something useless and giving it a new purpose. For instance, taking something like old TV … [Read more...]

Weather Winter Storms in Tulsa with Smarthphone Apps


Jack Frost is nipping at the windows, and there are some ways you can keep him at bay this season. Here are some ways you can protect your affordable pet-friendly apartments near LaFortune Park in Tulsa throughout the storms ahead. Download the Winter Survival Kit - This app makes it easier to track your location and keep your trips down the road … [Read more...]

There’s No Place Like Home: Find It at Our Tulsa Apartments

Eagle Point Apartments

The first part of the year is always full of new goals, high energy and renewed determination. It can also be a time of relaxation with your family. We hope to help by offering a few ways that you might start this year off feeling right at home in our South Tulsa apartments. On top of amenities for comfortable everyday apartment living, such as oversized … [Read more...]

Affordable New Year’s Eve Ideas to Party at Your Apartment


It's almost time to say goodbye to 2013 and ring in 2014, and you might be planning on hosting a festive celebration for New Year's Eve at your pet-friendly apartments near LaFortune Park. Party planning can sometimes stretch your budget a bit more than you anticipated. Don't fret just yet, however, because there are plenty of ways you can throw a … [Read more...]

Autumn Apartment Decor for Cozy Quarters in Tulsa


Autumn is here, and it’s time to start thinking about some seasonal decor to spice up your South Tulsa apartment. The good thing about autumn apartment decor is that adding a few nice touches is relatively easy and very cheap. The most frugal option obviously involves some nice orange and gold leaves, apples, and pumpkins, but there are some more … [Read more...]

Get the Facts First, Sign Up for the Tulsa Alert


It would be nice if loved ones were all in the same place when severe weather hits, but most often, you are scattered to the winds. The latest news in Tulsa is a new alert system that will notify you and your family of pending weather situations whether you are home, at school, or work. Your emergency plan can swing into action immediately when you know … [Read more...]

How to Exercise Your Brain at Our Tulsa Fitness Center


Your brain is an incredible machine. Like every machine in your apartments in Tulsa with a fitness center downstairs, it needs a little maintenance to keep it functioning and operating properly throughout the day. The more you exercise, the better off you will be. Exercise regulates the balance of chemicals within the brain that controls everything from … [Read more...]

Kick Junk Food for Good in Your Oversized Kitchen Pantry


Are you still searching for a secret way to good health and losing weight? It is actually not a secret! Just clear your apartment in Tulsa with oversized kitchen pantry from junk food. If there is no sugary soda or delicious candy bar present in your pantry to tempt you, you are likely to be safe from high calorie intake. To get rid of the junk food … [Read more...]