3 Reasons to Chart Your Progress in the Fitness Center

3 Reasons to Chart Your Progress in the Fitness Center

It's not easy to get in shape. No matter how much you plan and prepare, little things along the way can derail your fitness routine without you even realizing it. That is why it is important for you to track your progress along the way. In fact, seasoned pros will tell you that it reduces the risk your plans will get derailed. So the next time you … [Read more...]

Stock a Tornado Emergency Kit in Your Tulsa Apartment

Stock a Tornado Emergency Kit in Your Tulsa Apartment

When a tornado hits, you might not have time to go anywhere safer than your own apartment. Move to the lowest level available to you. Get in a closet, bathroom, or interior hall without windows. When the storm has passed, you might be without power. You can save some discomfort by stocking an emergency kit. Store non-perishable snacks and water to … [Read more...]

Find Balance at this Pilates Fitness Studio in Tulsa

Find Balance at this Pilates Fitness Studio in Tulsa

We are now several months into 2014; have you been making strides to fulfill your fitness resolutions for this year? If working out solo isn't giving you the results you are seeking, or if you have trouble staying motivated without a more structured environment, you can check out some other options for fitness in Tulsa that can help you reach your fitness … [Read more...]

How to Do a Better Leg Press in the Fitness Center


We are seeing more and more residents in our apartments in Tulsa using the fitness center to get in shape and stay that way. Among the many exercises they're doing, we keep hearing leg presses are pretty popular. So the next time you're down in the fitness center working out, try these tips to ensure you get the most from the leg presses you are … [Read more...]

Running in Tulsa: Register Soon for March Races


For those of you who enjoy an active lifestyle, there are plenty of things to do in Tulsa to keep you busy. You can take a brisk walk in a nearby park, go hiking or boating, make use of the jogging and biking trails in and around the city, or use the onsite fitness center here at our Tulsa apartments to stay active and in shape. If you love to go … [Read more...]

Got a Fitness Resolution? Try Guthrie Green’s Free Boot Camps

boot camp

Our pet-friendly apartments in Tulsa with fitness center has everything you need to make your 2014 Fitness Resolution a reality. Our on-site fitness center with treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and a free weight area is ready and waiting to help you reach your fitness goals this year without having to spend money on pricey memberships or … [Read more...]

How to Exercise Your Brain at Our Tulsa Fitness Center


Your brain is an incredible machine. Like every machine in your apartments in Tulsa with a fitness center downstairs, it needs a little maintenance to keep it functioning and operating properly throughout the day. The more you exercise, the better off you will be. Exercise regulates the balance of chemicals within the brain that controls everything from … [Read more...]

Visit LaFortune Park Golf Course for National Golf Day


It's sometimes hard to look out the windows of your affordable Tulsa apartments near LaFortune Park Golf Course. Instead of hitting the greens, you have to head to work. But when you get the time, it's worth it to reserve a tee time on National Golf Day (October 4, 2013) and play some golf with your friends. The course is one of the best in the state. … [Read more...]

Kick Junk Food for Good in Your Oversized Kitchen Pantry


Are you still searching for a secret way to good health and losing weight? It is actually not a secret! Just clear your apartment in Tulsa with oversized kitchen pantry from junk food. If there is no sugary soda or delicious candy bar present in your pantry to tempt you, you are likely to be safe from high calorie intake. To get rid of the junk food … [Read more...]

How to Make More Healthy Shopping Choices at Woodland Hills Mall


Are you going shopping? If so, make sure that you are not buying unhealthy or uncomfortable items. Stock the closet in your apartment near Woodland Hills Mall with intelligent purchases. Need some tricks for wise, healthy choices? Those lovely stilettos are among the dangerous closet additions, which can cause bad posture and toe deformities. Don’t … [Read more...]